17th July – 28th Sept 2008

Antique meets Contemporary

Brooch in acrylic, pvc, ink and lacquer
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About Us

Adam Paxon

Taking influence from organic form and nature’s colourful language of warning and courtship I make mainly one-off pieces of acrylic jewellery. Although diverse I find acrylic’s stock colours too insensitive, but processes of lamination forming and carving allow the blending of colours and remove the material from its industrial / mass-produced context. I’m fascinated by the way pieces can be fixed to clothing or worn on the body and seek new and unusual approaches to wearability. I’m also interested in pieces’ value as objects in their own right. I try to give them a dual identity and often see them as ‘creatures to wear’.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in Artists taking part in Sentiment & Sex are: Kelvin Birk; Georg Dobler; Adam Paxon.
Sentiment & Sex Antique pieces.
Other themes: Memento Mori ; Power & Politics; The Lighter Side.