New Tastes
Twelve New Graduates

10th Nov - 29th Jan 2017

‘Heavy Hands’ series of vessels in steel, iron, binding wire and gilding metall

‘Heavy Hands’ series of vessels in steel, iron, binding wire and gilding metal





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Rob Anderson

Heavy Hands

This body of work was created in order to explore my own understanding of aesthetics and form. I took inspiration from the textures of concrete found in Brutalist buildings and studied the movement’s attitudes toward form. I combined this interest with the aesthetics of Japanese ceramics and their ‘quiet beauty’.

I learned to be completely present in the moments of making the object, which allowed me to carefully consider every aspect. Whether I was intentionally changing the form of a vessel with extra hammer blows, or whether I was deciding if I should leave a patch of oxide that naturally formed during the soldering process, every mark on the vessels are considered in depth.

Shapes, textures, colours and forms are all informed by the subtleties of the materials used. This one of the main reasons why I wanted to use steel. It is generally overlooked by most as a material that can be manipulated by hand into something unique and attractive.

I used an earthy palette to describe the forms and reinforce their humility. The vessels are all sturdy enough to be dropped and also heavy enough to not be forgotten about in the hand. Both of these factors are present to encourage people to pick up the vessel and actually hold onto them until they are finished with them.

Each cup has an individual identity, whilst still having visual references to the rest of its ‘family’.

Biographical Details

New Tastes introduces twelve new jewellery graduates: Wanshu Li, Edinburgh College of Art; Hayley Brooks, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Chen Cheng, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Rob Anderson, Sheffield Hallam University; Sheng Zhang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Darcey Skelly, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Francesca Lobb, Manchester School of Art; Felicity Lynden, University of Edinburgh; Freya Alder, Glasgow School of Art; Stephanie O Leary, Middlesex University, London; Michaela Murrain, De Montfort University, Leicester; Amanda Denison, Winchester School of Art.