New Tastes
Twelve New Graduates

10th Nov - 29th Jan 2017

 ‘Watchmaker’s Brooch’ - from ‘Explore’ Collection in brass, chain, stainless steel and corked glass vials

‘Watchmaker’s Brooch’ - from ‘Explore’ Collection in brass, chain, stainless steel and corked glass vials




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Francesca Lobb

Through the exploration of body adornment and personal possessions my practice primarily focusses around how an object evokes personal comfort for its owner. Through interrogation of pre-owned objects and our interaction with our personal belongings, my works emphasis is on the user’s experience. By observing these interactions I question how the design of an object can entice an individual to explore the piece and how this can provoke the wearer to form a personal attachment to the item.

Producing small scale objects with close attention to detail, I question how the user will interact with each piece. Creating intricate designs that evoke engagement, generates an individual narrative upon each item through the user’s choice of how it is worn.

Exploration of traditional techniques within jewellery and metal work is integral within my practice to produce individual handmade items, which also allows myself as a maker to form a personal connection to each piece throughout its creation.

Biographical Details

New Tastes introduces twelve new jewellery graduates: Wanshu Li, Edinburgh College of Art; Hayley Brooks, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Chen Cheng, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Rob Anderson, Sheffield Hallam University; Sheng Zhang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Darcey Skelly, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Francesca Lobb, Manchester School of Art; Felicity Lynden, University of Edinburgh; Freya Alder, Glasgow School of Art; Stephanie O Leary, Middlesex University, London; Michaela Murrain, De Montfort University, Leicester; Amanda Denison, Winchester School of Art.