New Tastes
Twelve New Graduates

10th Nov - 29th Jan 2017

Darcey Skelly

Darcey Skelly





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Darcey Skelly

Darcey Skelly is designer/maker from Dublin, Ireland, who has recently graduated from the National College of Art and Design with a degree in Metalwork and Jewellery. She is also a skilled illustrator who uses these talents in combination to design and produce her wearable works. Her interests lie in fiction and much of her made work is in reference to many works of literature, film and television. The materials she uses to produce her made work are not dictated by any preciousness or preference to material, but by what the piece requires to tell the story at it’s best. As a result the work has a number of varied materials and processes.

“I am an illustrative maker. Every piece I make has had it’s beginnings as a completed sketch. I use illustration as a means to flesh out my ideas and build upwards from the pages into 3D representations. I aim to, through mixed media recreate my sketches as closely as possible. My interests lie in storytelling and my research is just as fictitious.

‘Voyages of the Starship Stetson’ is culmination of many science fiction and western references, from Star Trek (1966-1969) to True Grit (1969.) The project’s material palette is vast and varied, making tribute to the cheap and charming sets of Star Trek, Barbarella, Flash and Calamity Jane.

The materials are light, inexpensive, easily procured but most importantly have great visual effect. Each piece in this collection is a smaller component of a larger narrative, a character, set or prop that pertains to telling the story. The story of the of the crew of the Starship Stetson, their journey and the adventures they face, nothing they can’t handle with the big irons on their hips.”

New Tastes introduces twelve new jewellery graduates: Wanshu Li, Edinburgh College of Art; Hayley Brooks, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Chen Cheng, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Rob Anderson, Sheffield Hallam University; Sheng Zhang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Darcey Skelly, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Francesca Lobb, Manchester School of Art; Felicity Lynden, University of Edinburgh; Freya Alder, Glasgow School of Art; Stephanie O Leary, Middlesex University, London; Michaela Murrain, De Montfort University, Leicester; Amanda Denison, Winchester School of Art.