New Tastes
Twelve New Graduates

10th Nov - 29th Jan 2017

She Wore A Copper Stetson - lariat in copper and cork

She Wore A Copper Stetson - lariat in copper and cork





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Darcey Skelly

The Combination of two most beloved genre fiction themes, the classic sci-fi and western. By throwing these two almighty themes together it has resulted in a narrative of my own imaging. The concept: If the Cowboys of the Old West found a way to propel themselves into Space to colonise a planet.

The crew, a renegade gang of gunslingers, outlawed and wanted on Earth, escape, travelling through the far reaches of Space. They live within a beat up a space vessel, their home, a ship called ‘Stetson.’ The planet they encounter, a dusty thing that bares resemblance to their own familiar Wild West. A planet they declare as ‘New Texus.’

The planet inhabits life, subterranean aliens that disguise themselves as cacti, living beneath the dirt to protect themselves from far meaner creatures. Herds of docile cattle roam and graze, resembling Earth’s own but their hides are rainbow and star speckled. Crueler creatures live in the dark, hiding in the crumbling mountain’s shadow, venomous critters and howling beasts. Nothing the gunslinging crew of the Starship ‘Stetson’ can’t handle with the big irons on their hips.

Biographical Details

New Tastes introduces twelve new jewellery graduates: Wanshu Li, Edinburgh College of Art; Hayley Brooks, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Dundee; Chen Cheng, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Rob Anderson, Sheffield Hallam University; Sheng Zhang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Darcey Skelly, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Francesca Lobb, Manchester School of Art; Felicity Lynden, University of Edinburgh; Freya Alder, Glasgow School of Art; Stephanie O Leary, Middlesex University, London; Michaela Murrain, De Montfort University, Leicester; Amanda Denison, Winchester School of Art.