An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature
11th July - 29th Sept 2013

‘Red & Blue’ – necklace in folded plastic coated paper
‘Red & Blue’ – necklace in folded plastic coated paper
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My work arises intuitively and in an empirical way. I am continually trying to discover logical constructions, inspired by rhytms and structures in the botanical world.

In the development of my ideas the use of paper as a means of expressing myself was an obvious choice. As a material, it possesses a lot of qulities that come in useful to me. Moreover, the tactile qualities of paper are important in connection with wearable objects.

The cause for a new type of research is often quite coincindental. Struck by a certain form of material, I start a quest in which an interaction arises of thought and action in order to attain a useful concept. Finding the appropriate technical solutions is an important challenge in connection with this.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in NATURAL HISTRIONICS are: Stephanie Hensle, Germany; Anja Eichler, China/Germany;
Jie Sun
, the Netherlands/China; Nel Linssen, the Netherlands; Susanne Elstner, Germany;
Hyorim Lee
, Germany/South Korea; Konrad Laimer, Italy; Dorit Schubert, Germany.