An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature
11th July - 29th Sept 2013

White necklace in He-goat horn and paint
White necklace in He-goat horn and paint
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Nature, region and matter

Konrad thinks and feels with his hands. He has learnt his profession from scratch and is now an expert. There is nothing more to be said about this and, from what I have seen of him and his work, I take this to be a given precondition. The crucial question about the origin of his ideas and inspirations is what interests me especially in his work. The background is varied, but can be summarised in the end under three essential areas of reference: nature - place – matter.

Much of Laimer’s art comes from nature. He monitors closely plants and animals of his alpine environment very well. A lot is also associated with his purely intuitive childhood observations. He refreshes the impressions of his house, his pets and farm animals, alpine flora and fauna and extensive farming. Detail plays a very important part in his work. Extracting a special feature from
the whole determines the shape and character of a work. In this way the dissected horn parts of a billy goat and the horn tips of a chamois become the central theme of his work.

Text by Benno Simma

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in NATURAL HISTRIONICS are: Stephanie Hensle, Germany; Anja Eichler, China/Germany;
Jie Sun
, the Netherlands/China; Nel Linssen, the Netherlands; Susanne Elstner, Germany;
Hyorim Lee
, Germany/South Korea; Konrad Laimer, Italy; Dorit Schubert, Germany.