An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature
11th July - 29th Sept 2013

‘Grow 01’ – brooch in leather, beads, and brass.
Photo: Junwon Jung

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Flowers, grass and trees are growing on the land. And they are covering the desolation around with big natural rather than each object.
A piece of nature is small, but sometimes they connected together and make another appearance visually. Interlacing branches looks like bold tree. Many small flowers together looks like a big flower. It looks like a huge peels of another new form rather than gathered several pieces.
It looks like me contained in a society, and also will more growing up to above the crowd. I think about coexists with growth and protection of relevance.
It is changing the time and form. The pieces are finely connected, getting back together is overlapped. It is blurred but it is clear new form look like current me. The pieces are connected by a piece of string, make a new one piece, newly born and growing up continues.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in NATURAL HISTRIONICS are: Stephanie Hensle, Germany; Anja Eichler, China/Germany;
Jie Sun
, the Netherlands/China; Nel Linssen, the Netherlands; Susanne Elstner, Germany;
Hyorim Lee
, Germany/South Korea; Konrad Laimer, Italy; Dorit Schubert, Germany.