An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature
11th July - 29th Sept 2013

Floral necklace in nylon, steel and silver
Floral necklace in nylon, steel and silver
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The technique of lace-making has had a long tradition. The only novelty is the materials I use, that being threads made of silver, steel and nylon.
During my studies I discovered some aspects of lace-making to be useful for making jewellery rather than textiles. Since then I have been trying to find specific features of this technique and their transformation into jewellery.
Using unusual materials has proved to open new ways of design and forms of expressions.The advantage of the new materials enable me to create flat or three-dimensional objects. Combining stability, movebility and simplification make way to a new handling of the lace-making technique, thus leaving traditional patterns behind.
I develop three-dimensional shapes and combinations which are carefully dyed and supplemented by beads made of glass or stone and later on are put together into a piece of jewellery.
The produced objects are captivating because of their filigree, transpareny and lightness.
The theme of the shapes of the pieces of jewellery give the impression of being related to nature but do not appear to be naturalistic.
The necklaces and earrings seem to be very filigree and delicate even fragile, but in every day use the prove to be quite robust and of distinct strength.
The enthusiasm for the old and time-consuming technique of lace-making, which is about to disappear and die out, is the reason for the challenge to design and create pieces of jewellery that bear a distinct trademark, and to give lace-making a new and up-to-date feel.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in NATURAL HISTRIONICS are: Stephanie Hensle, Germany; Anja Eichler, China/Germany;
Jie Sun
, the Netherlands/China; Nel Linssen, the Netherlands; Susanne Elstner, Germany;
Hyorim Lee
, Germany/South Korea; Konrad Laimer, Italy; Dorit Schubert, Germany.