An International Art Jewellery Exhibition Inspired by Nature
11th July - 29th Sept 2013

EiEiEiEi – Falling – Failing - Rising up again
‘Back of the Summit’ – brooch in hardened quail eggs, silver and steel
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EiEiEiEi – Falling – Failing - Rising up again

Falling hurts and sometimes leaves marks – a scratch, a scar, a stigma. What happens after the fall? Does falling mean failing?

This series of works illustrates some aspects of this topic. As core material I chose quail eggs since the egg is a womb offering space for development. In a multi-step process, I colored and hardened the eggs.

RESILIENCE. Without taking on the risk of falling and failing as well as mustering the courage and the energy to rise again nothing new will come up. Tumbler and Daruma dolls can be tipped over, they won't fall - neither will the tumbler rings.

REPAIR. Fallen and then repaired things can be very pretty, they can be  enhanced by their fall. By being repaired they can even get stronger than before. This shows that falling and failing are important ingredients of development.

REFLECTION. Falling, failing and rising up again would be nothing without reflecting on it. In my work, the egg as a womb for development offers also a space for reflection.

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Artists taking part in NATURAL HISTRIONICS are: Stephanie Hensle, Germany; Anja Eichler, China/Germany;
Jie Sun
, the Netherlands/China; Nel Linssen, the Netherlands; Susanne Elstner, Germany;
Hyorim Lee
, Germany/South Korea; Konrad Laimer, Italy; Dorit Schubert, Germany.