Matters of Life & Death

7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Peter Vermandere _‘Emotions for the Advanced’ pin brooches in silver with pearls

‘Emotions for the Advanced’ pin brooches in silver with pearls
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Peter Vermandere

Sculptor who likes to make ornaments

Peter Vermandere, born in 1969, is considered to be a sculptor who likes to make ornaments. Or as a goldsmith, who likes to compose exhibitions. We can find a few more paradoxes in this maker, copywriter, goldsmith and fantasy man. Peter Vermandere would not want it any other way.

Highly individual art

Out of these apparent contradictions, Peter Vermandere finds the highly individual angles he needs to create his work. Lately, pearls are the main subjects concerning his ornaments. Their forms stimulate his fantasy. They excite him and they make him sad.

Sculptures and ornaments

As a consequence of the interdisciplinary conception more motives appear. His collecto-men all carry their own collection. From shells and cigar-rings up to rocks or bronze. Marked by their past and armed for their future. Peter Vermandere is one of those artists who create their work out of everything that crosses their path.

Freestyle Atomics

The aluminium of these jewellery pieces has been recuperated entirely from sacked panels of the Atomium, the iconic building in Brussels, remnant of the world expo 58. When the Atomium was being renovated in 2005 the original aluminium parts were replaced and some landed in my workshop.
The design of this building, it is actually the enlargement of the scientific model of a cubically centered iron crystal atom, brings with it a lot of highly inspirational motives. The metal forms can freestyle into symbiosis with the clusters of cubes, octahedrons and dodecahedrons of the natural gemstones which I use (mostly garnets on the host rock on which they are found).

The history of this metal is another motive for working it: In all its lightness I find aluminium to be an extraordinary, undervalued and fascinating material. In the early days of it’s discovery and production it was called ‘argent d’argile’ (silver out of clay), a name reflecting it’s grandeur.

Last but not least I am exploring the technical possibilities arising from making sand moulds where the careful placing of airvents and risers produce a new and direct ornamentation. And this directness is something which I find quite exciting.

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