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7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Lina Petersson _‘Yellowly’ brooch in mixed media, silver and 18ct gold

‘Yellowly’ brooch in mixed media, silver and 18ct gold
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Lina Peterson

The jewellery I make is the result of a playful approach to materials, colour and form backed up by research and drawing.  I work with materials such as textiles, wood, metals and plastics, often combining several materials in one piece.

Recently I have been investigating colour in greater depth and using it in my work in a more deliberate way than previously which has tended to be more intuitive.  I was interested in the idea of making a monochromatic piece of jewellery that was made out of many different materials.  An initial period of research which resulted in the online Crafts Council exhibition ‘Lina Peterson - Exploring Colour’ and the two brooches ‘Pinkly’ and ‘Pinkish’ then developed into a group of work that includes four pairs of brooches all together. 

Each pair consists of two pieces that achieve the idea of being monochromatic, but by different means.  The brooch ‘Pinkly’ is made from ten different materials, ranging from silver to cardboard and all painted with the same fluorescent pink paint but all looking slightly different in colour because of the inherent material properties.  ‘Pinkish’, was made by bringing together materials that are ‘naturally’ pink, such as rose gold and ‘Blush pink’ acrylic sheet.  Each of the subsequent pairs investigates the same possibilities within the chosen colour perimeter; green, blue and yellow.

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