Matters of Life & Death

7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Agnes Larsson

Agnes Larsson
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Agnes Larsson

6 November 1980 Stockholm, Sweden

2010 AJF (Art Jewellery Forum)-Emerging Artist Award 2010
2010 BKV-Price (Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe-Verein) 3rd prize

2005-07 Konstfack, MFA, Stockholm, Ädellab -Silversmithing and Jewelry
Proffessor Ruudt Peters and Karen Pontoppidan                                   
2006      Minor Field Studies, Saathi Center, India
2002-04 Konstfack, BFA, Stockholm, Sweden, Ädellab, -Silversmithing and Jewelry
Proffessor, Ruudt Peters, Kim Buck and Christer Johnsson
2001-02 Nyckelviksskolan, Stockholm, Sweden Metal design and Craft

Private collections in USA and Europe.

Solo Exhibitions
2011 Platina Gallery, Stockholm, Sweden

2011 Bayerischer Kunstgewerbe Verein at Hanteverksmesse, BKV-Prize 2010, Munich, Germany
2011 Frame, Gallery Platina, Munich, Germany
2011 Inhorgenta, International Trade Fair for Jewelry, Munich, Germany
2010 Bayerisher Kunstgewerbe Verein, BKV-prize finalists, Munich, Germany
2010 SOFA Chicago Art Fair, AJF Emerging artist, Ornamentum Gallery, Chicago
2010 It´s a Jewel not a Doll, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
2010 Frame, Platina Gallery at Schmuck, Munich, Germany
2010 Lingam - 121 symbols of fertility, World Crafts Council - Belgique Francophone, Mons, Belgium, Museum Cathrijneconvent, Utrecht, The Netherlands
2009 Op Voorraad, jewellery pop up store
2009 For  long and faithful duty - 10 years of beauty, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 LINGAM exhibition, Utrecht, Holland
2009 LINGAM exhibition, Konstfack, Sweden
2009 There is no place like home, Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Stockholm Style Exhibition at Taipei Yodex, Taipei, Taiwan
2009 Nano, Gallery 44, Stockholm, Sweden
2009 Frame, Platina Gallery at Schmuck, Munich, Germany
2008 Brainfood, Gustavsbergs konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Springexhibition, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2007 Graduation Show, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2007 Silverschools, Legnica, Poland
2007 Excursion, Munich, Germany
2007 Touch Down, Vita Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Schmuck, MAD, Museum of Arts and Design, New York
2006 Scmuck, Munich, Germany
2005 Grassi Messe, Leipzig, Germany
2005 Graduation Show, Midora Fair, Leipzig, Germany
2005 Graduation Show, Gallerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2005 Vad ska grannen säga? Gallery Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Kulturhuset, BA work, Stockholm, Sweden
2005 Vad ska grannen säga? 316 Kubik, Hudiksvall, Sweden
2005 Jewellery in new materials 316 Kubik, Hudiksvall, Sweden
2004 6*6 Rings Galleri Gula Byggningen, Stockholm, Sweden

Selection of Courses and Workshops
2006  Workshop "HUNGRIG" Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2005  Workshop "IDENTITY" Suska Mackert, Manon van Kouswijk Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2004  Workshop, Andi Gut Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2004  Workshop, Karen Pontoppidan "Jewellery and Taboos" Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2004  Workshop, Ruudt Peters"Copy" Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden
2003  Workshop, Peter Bauhuis Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Sofa Chicago Cataloge 2010
2010 LINGAM. Fertility Now
2009 The Compendium Of Contemporary Jewellery Makers
2007 The Konstfack degree exhibition 2007
2007 Srebrne Szkoty, Cataloge Gallery of art, Legnicia, Poland
2006 Konstfack 2006-2007 University College of Arts, Crafts and Design Cataloge, Stockholm
2006 Schmuck Catalogue, Munich, Germany

2010 Iaspis, -Internationell kulturutbyte
2010 The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, -Working grant
2004-2010 Estrid Ericsons Stiftelse
2007 August Rignérs Stiftelse
2007 Minor Field Studies
2004-2007 JL Eklunds Hantverksstiftelse