Matters of Life & Death

7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Agnes Larsson _‘Carbo’ neckpiece in carbon and horsehair

‘Carbo’ neckpiece in carbon and horsehair
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Agnes Larsson

CARBO 2011
A series of Necklaces made out of Carbon and Horse hair.

My work often starts in abstract thoughts about great forces that surround us, thoughts which can be difficult to express in words, such as life, death, heaviness and lightness.

With these words in mind I do a selection of material, in this case carbon, a basic material existing in all living things around but which we also consider to be dead, burned and charred.

Very often, I let the material in itself be the guideline. Thoughts in collaboration with my hands make the researching. Deep inside the core material I make the sketch work. Limitless, intuitively and fairly quickly I am looking for expressions that match, respond to and express something related to the theme. Often I use opposites to emphasize different characteristics of the material that I think are important for this work. A second material is added, horsehair, a natural material that has connections to a body and a life.

Some of the qualities that I discovered through the working process are presented in the jewelry´s. Their simple , basic shapes refer to traditional Necklaces as well as Shields or  protection.

In the Pieces I see opposites like living and dead, darkness and light, surface and depth, fragility and strength. The pieces might look heavy but they are rather light, some of them are shaped on the body.

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