Matters of Life & Death

7th July - 25th Sept 2011

Angela O’Keefe _‘Fading Light’ necklace in silver, salt crystal and labradorite

‘Fading Light’ necklace in silver, salt crystal and labradorite
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Angela O'Keefe

Angela is an experimental jewellery designer challenging the traditional thought that all jewellery must be made from precious metals. She uses salt crystals, a natural product but not one associated with jewellery and together with resin and silver she transforms it into something that you want to wear and treasure, into wearable pieces of art.

The concept of using salt crystals was inspired by a trip to Israel. Angela noted how crystals of salt formed on the body as it dried naturally after swimming in the Dead Sea and as a result the skin sparkled as if covered by a thousand gemstones. These natural ‘jewels’ had appeared as if from nowhere, and so began a fascination and exploration of this natural product.

Angela studied in Florence, Italy at Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School and was recently commended of The Award for Excellence at the British Craft Trade Fair 2011. Angela continues to develop her collection of work with salt in her native Scotland allowing the surrounding environment to inform her creative process; sometimes using salt preciously taking care to set each crystal individually and other times colouring the crystals and simply setting it in resin. She uses these crystals of her own making with silver to create her unique collection of jewellery.

“My work challenges the viewer to reassess their views on jewellery. I use a material which would never usually be associated with jewellery, a product normally found in the kitchen. I would like to challenge the imagination of the viewer and show that all jewellery need not be made from precious materials, suprise them with my choice of material and inspire them to consider something different. I like to show that we do not need to be bound by the traditional rules of jewellery and that by breaking the boundaries I am able to create wearable pieces of art jewellery”.

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