Alternative Wedding Show 2014
13th April - 13th July

Locket in silver which has been chased and repousséd

Locket in silver which has been chased and repousséd
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Cathy Sutherland

I draw inspiration from all things earthy and organic being intrigued by delicate insects, fragile skeleton leaves and human skin; as when studied closer you see that all are made up of intricate networks of lines and detailed patterns that create incredible natural surface decoration, which is reflected in my organic jewellery.

The curved fluid shapes of my jewellery have been created through the traditional silversmithing techniques of chasing and repoussé - repetitive rounds of hammering allow me to watch the forms gradually unfold in the metal, reflecting the movement of the body and repetitive patterns found in nature. For this collection I studied the Calla Lily with its magnificent beauty and connotations of purity, fertility and abundance.

Biographical Details

A Marriage Made in Yorkshire features: Bex BardonElland; Sally CoxBingleyEmily KnightSettle; 
and Cathy SutherlandSheffield. There will be new collections of wedding and engagement rings, tiaras, cufflinks and bridesmaid jewellery by a wide of range of renowned jewellers including Mirri Damer who has recently made wedding rings for Dawn French and Malcolm Morris who created the tiaras for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love. We will also be having a wide selection of work by other Yorkshire jewellers including Pamela DickinsonDriffield; Adele Taylor, Sheffield; Anthony Blakeney, Leeds; Chris Boland, Sheffield; Angela KnipeScarborough,
and Chris Philipson, Knaresborough.