Alternative Wedding Show 2014
13th April - 13th July

'Verdelite’ – earrings in Ecosilver and 9ct yellow gold set with rough green tourmalines

'Verdelite’ – earrings in Ecosilver and 9ct yellow gold set with rough green tourmalines
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Bex Bardon

Bex Bardon launched her first jewellery range in February 2007. Since then she has taken part in various events and exhibitions, fulfilled wide-ranging commissions and expanded to offer an array of different collections.

This new collection especially developed for A Marriage Made in Yorkshire, is full of magic, alchemy, power and ancient spells. She says ‘I wanted to create an exciting and unusual collection that was very important to me, that incorporated beautiful stones and their healing properties with recycled silver and gold.

Gemstones have been used throughout history for their healing qualities; they have been worn as amulets and talismans and used in spiritual practices. I have been collecting gemstones for many years. It's something that I am very passionate about, I have a large collection and each stone is magical to me for different reasons. Sometimes I am drawn to a stone like it is calling out to me, it can be very powerful. I know I have to have that stone! It doesn't have to be typically beautiful, a perfect shape or even polished, if it has something about it - an interest that holds your attention - it is perfect.

The inclusions, the fractures and pit marks, a stone does not have to be polished to be beautiful, the raw beauty reaches out of the stone to me, in fact it can be more beautiful this way. Each stone is unique, it has its own character, a story that makes it special and is chosen first, and then the jewellery develops around it.’

Biographical Details

A Marriage Made in Yorkshire features: Bex BardonElland; Sally CoxBingleyEmily KnightSettle; 
and Cathy SutherlandSheffield. There will be new collections of wedding and engagement rings, tiaras, cufflinks and bridesmaid jewellery by a wide of range of renowned jewellers including Mirri Damer who has recently made wedding rings for Dawn French and Malcolm Morris who created the tiaras for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love. We will also be having a wide selection of work by other Yorkshire jewellers including Pamela DickinsonDriffield; Adele Taylor, Sheffield; Anthony Blakeney, Leeds; Chris Boland, Sheffield; Angela KnipeScarborough,
and Chris Philipson, Knaresborough.