15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Michael Pollan

Michael Pollan
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Natalya Pinchuk
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I enjoy the writing of Michael Pollan because he places the human experience within a larger context of the natural world and its power struggles, diminishing our inflated egos.  I was introduced to his writing with “Botany of Desire,” the book that underscores the message that humans are not in complete control but rather are in a larger dialogue with the world surrounding them.  Pollan’s message is current and full of details, giving a comprehensive vision of the past and present, otherwise known only to specialists.  His work is thoughtful, layered and approachable with a true power to reveal the world around, sway strong opinions and provoke the apathetic.

In regards to flowers, Pollan wrote that mammals, and thus humans, would not evolve without the overwhelming popularity of flowers on the planet due to their ability to store large amounts of energy in seeds.  This was extremely intriguing and, in some ways, obvious, once pointed out.  It became clear that flowers are an aesthetic response to matters of life and death, quite literally. Their beauty is not a masquerade but rather a remnant of a time when we most directly relied on them for survival. The fact that we find flowers beautiful today is life affirming.

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