15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Mikaela Lyons_Floral necklace

‘Floral’ necklace in oxidised copper, acrylic, illustration, rope, ribbon
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Mikaela Lyons

Mikaela creates surreal illustrations, which are collages of macabre, romantic, fantastical images. She works intuitively, allowing pictures from her subconscious to become active. Often they are responses to her perception of modern culture. The illustrations are created by digitally manipulating her personal collection of photographs.

She converts these images into large one-off pieces of body adornment and smaller-scale jewellery. The main body of work is made using laser-cut acrylic and oxidised copper settings. An eclectic use of materials, images, colours and techniques are adopted for the pieces.

There are no pre-conceived meanings to the imagery she creates. They are more a reaction to her environment. She uses punchy, vibrant and often clashing colours and materials to create fashion-conscious, high-impact and theatrical body adornment.

Reason I use flowers in my work:

It was not a conscious decision to use flowers in my jewellery. The photographs I take to use in my illustrations are of my surroundings and attractive eeriness that catches my eye. I never plan the final outcome. I am however drawn to flowers and I like the contrast that they give, as often the images I use are of macabre dead things. The flowers bring a sense of beauty and life. My mother studied horticulture when I was a child so maybe her love of gardening has been an influence.

Biographical Details

Artists featured in IntoFlora are: Natalya Pinchuk, Russia/USA; Lisa Juen, Germany/China; Mikaela Lyons, UK;
Ana Hagopian
, Barcelona; Masayuki Nagata, Japan; Selina Campbell, UK; Ines Schwotzer, Germany;
Anna Atterling
, Sweden