15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Masayuki Nagata_Chrysanthemum Necklace

‘Big Camellia’ necklace embossed rusted iron and paper
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Masayuki Nagata

I produce jewellery mainly by using Iron, which is some times said to be an unsuitable material for jewellery. But I prefer to use iron for a few reasons such as its lightness, price, and rustiness.

As a motif, I also prefer to use flowers that might have sombre associations. So, I use materials and the motifs, which have 'dark',' heavy' sort of impressions, and change them to 'delicate', 'elegant' jewellery.

I make these works using an embossing technique, from thin iron sheet to form the petals. Then I let them rust chemically. Instead of using enamel and setting stones, I used picture of flowers by printing out and put them on top of the exact place of its petals on the iron.

When the flower of camellia scatters, it doesn't scatter one petal by one petal, but whole flower drops at once. For me it has the association of a person’s head dropping.

I have talked about the negative associations of flowers. But I believe that my work doesn't end up having negative associations at all because the process and outcome culminate in creating beautiful forms. I want my jewellery pieces to be bright, positive blossoms that sweep away negative images and represent a primal magnificence.

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Artists featured in IntoFlora are: Natalya Pinchuk, Russia/USA; Lisa Juen, Germany/China; Mikaela Lyons, UK;
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