15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Peaches on stage

Peaches on stage
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Lisa Juen
Into. . . Peaches

A while ago, I visited a Peaches concert in Shanghai. Until that point, I hadn’t heard of the artist or her music, so I did not know what to expect that evening.

What I experienced was mind-taking though. Not just that I was fascinated by the music, the artist herself put the audience under a strange spell. The show, the music, the entire person were about sex, femininity, power & strength that were literally revealed layer by layer with each song, when the artist kept peeling off items of her outfit. The highlight in the end was a little LED light that was mounted between her legs, called the ‘Pussy Light’.

Although this gesture was very provocative, and I remember a friend saying that he was even intimidated by it, I loved it and found myself thinking that ‘This is it!’

My fascination of light being paired with the imagery of the flower, the symbol of femininity, seduction, sex & strength, did here find strong support and inspiration.

Therefore, my ‘Into-Artist piece’, in homage to Peaches, is not a ‘Pussy Light’ but a ‘Pussy Brooch’.

PS We are delighted that Peaches has been in touch to say. . . "The pieces are beautiful!" and now Peaches and Lisa are in contact so watch this space. . .

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