15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Lisa Juen_Double Fake Brooch

‘Double Fake’ brooch from 'Yesterday Is a Different Day' series, in steel, fake nails, LED, cubic zirconia, light switch
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Lisa Juen

My making has always been very much influenced by contrasts. In my pieces I love to juxtapose and play with different ideas and a wide variety of materials. Contrasts like traditional & modern, old & new, male & female, growth & decay, fake & void, intrigue me and are mirrored in my pieces.

My most current series of work ‘Booming Blooming’, as well as its predecessor ‘Yesterday Is A Different Day’ find their starting point in the flower-selling ladies of Shanghai’s streets. These women seem to belong to a different century, they seem to be witnesses of another time but are still perfectly capable of coping with the speed of a modern world.

While ‘Yesterday Is A Different Day’ is more turning around the idea of the female notion that accompanies the being of a flower, its power, bloom, playfulness and seductiveness, even up to the suspicion of/and being fake, ‘Booming Blooming’ concentrates on development and progress, trying to keep up with a modern speed but eventually being eaten by time and decay. The human individual seems to get lost in a jungle of advertisement and stimulus satiation, being offered by products and companies that promise a life of Bling.

In this context, the flowers are allowed to creep over the pieces and reconquer what was long theirs.

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Artists featured in IntoFlora are: Natalya Pinchuk, Russia/USA; Lisa Juen, Germany/China; Mikaela Lyons, UK;
Ana Hagopian
, Barcelona; Masayuki Nagata, Japan; Selina Campbell, UK; Ines Schwotzer, Germany;
Anna Atterling
, Sweden.