15th July - 26th Sept 2010

Crown for Tilde Björfors

For Tilde Björfors repoussé silver Crown
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Anna Atterling
Into. . .Tilde Björfors

Tilde Björfors has a big warm heart and she uses it to change the world. She is a circus manager and one of her message is that everything is possible. She gives me a deep feeling of value and she inspires me a to develop my own quality as a person and as an artist. She goes around the world with her circus and her new show is called Wear it like a crown inspired of Rebecca Karijords song with the same name. Therefore I made a crown to celebrate Tilde. I want it to be special, light and sensitive to match a queen like her.

PS We are delighted to have had the following response from Tilde Björfors to the silver crown that Anna made with her in mind. . .

" You can be good in throwing yourself out from high heights, but scared of standing in front of a group of people, talking.

You can be brilliant in taking economical risks, artistic risks, strategical risks, but terrified of saying I love you.

I am a Circus Director who is sort of scared of everything. And quite early in my life I found out, that if I would let the fear rule my life, I would be stuck in my small little room forever, and that scared the hell out of me! Since then I have tried to fight my fear.

Throwing myself out in the trapeze and walking on the thin wire of life. When I met Anna's work. The fragile, small and careful details but still made of a strong material, it inspired me to stop fighting and instead try to be friendly of my fear. Slowly put it out from my heart where it have a grip of me. And instead placing it on my head, and wear it carefully and proud of the fragility of being a human being. Anna's work helps me to challenge the world without fighting and wear my fear like a crown."

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