Nine New Graduates

9th Nov - 28th Jan 2018

Flow – necklace in African Blackwood, silver, brass, steel, paper

Flow – necklace in African Blackwood, silver, brass, steel, paper

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Hayley Grafflin

I am intrinsically drawn to hidden beauty and gritty details;eroded layers of paint revealing rust in every shade of orange imaginable, the soot covered pipes of the London underground that seem so vibrant and yet are entirely black. My desire is to communicate this beauty through moments and gestures which entice curiosity and evoke emotions.

Using traditional jewellery techniques to frame, pin and suspend, I seek to control these moments; when is a piece finished? How much control is necessary? By working intuitively with my materials, I answer these questions in a natural and meaningful way, creating highly tactile work which aims to take the wearer on a journey of the world through my eyes and through my touch.

Biographical Details

IDENTITY - The contemporary jewellery world's next generation make their mark: Adrienn Pesti, Glasgow School of Art; Miki Asai, Glasgow School of Art; Hayley Grafflin, Sheffield Hallam University; Song Wang, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Hannah Lornie, Glasgow School of Art; Evgeniia Balashova, Glasgow School of Art;
Mara Balode
, Glasgow School of Art; Isla Christie, Glasgow School of Art; Paula Treimane, Glasgow School of Art.