14th Nov - 26th Jan 2014

‘Festiva’ hand pierced earrings in powder coated aluminium, suede, chenille and silver, modelled
‘Festiva’ hand pierced earrings in powder coated aluminium, suede, chenille and silver, modelled
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I view the medium of jewellery as the ultimate form of expression; the jewellery I make is designed to make a statement. My aim is to fascinate the viewers of my jewellery, to create objects whose aesthetics and tactility are exciting, compelling them to take a closer look.

Colour, pattern, material and scale are what excites me, colour being the most important medium of all. Through my investigation into colour and emotions I understand that specific colours evoke particularly strong emotions that are universal. I strive to create bold and eye-catching combinations that may be vulgar to some, yet beautiful to others. Being a 90's child has formed my relationship with colour, and I have always subconsciously incorporated it into my drawing and jewellery making.

The patterns and forms in plants, flowers and microscopic images of the two provide me with an endless source of visual inspiration, so much so that you can be lost in the beauty of them. By manipulating images of flowers and plants through my drawings and photoshop, I am able to transform the details of petals and leaves into forms that I can adapt into jewellery. From these 2-D plans I can then begin to experiment with materials, extracting features that are particularly enlivening, bringing the drawings into another dimension.

It is my impulse to make both the wearer and the observer aware of the jewellery, and through creating interesting structures, a brilliant colour and an amusing tactile quality I am able to create intriguingly beautiful objects.

Biographical Details

The New Graduates are: Annelisse Pfeifer, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Alice Clarke, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Kelly Munro, Edinburgh College of Art; Ciara Bowles, Edinburgh College of Art; Emma Gregory, Glasgow School of Art; Elizabeth Jane Campbell, Edinburgh College of Art; Jessica Frost, University of the Arts, Rochester;
Katrine Standahl
, Middlesex University; Tracey Falvey, Plymouth College of Art.