20th July - 2nd October 2005
'Follow Me'
An exhibition following the progression and influences
in the work of leading jewellers and metal smiths.

Cathy Miles - 'Robin seeks alternative lifestyle' wall piece
in iron binding wire and found materials
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About Us


The exhibition follows the progression of seven particularly talented jewellers and metal smiths whose work has been featured at the Kath Libbert Jewellery Gallery since they graduated.
As well as showing diverse collections of work, the exhibition invites visitors to explore and understand the processes behind the designers’ creative development. A series of recorded sounds and images ‘follow’ the designers through their working day, revealing the very different materials and techniques that they employ and offering insight into their sources of inspiration - from pots and pans to pebbles.

Artists featured in 'Follow Me' are: Lynne Kirstin Murray; Yoko Izawa; Cathy Miles; Jenifer Wall; Dot Sim; Fiona Cameron; Annabet Wyndham.