A Fantastical Array of Art Jewellery Selected From Around the Globe
12th July - 30th Sept 2012
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Celebrating Sixteen Years at Salts Mill

Brooch in wood, enamelled steel, found objects, paint, zinc and silver
Brooch in wood, enamelled steel, found objects, paint, zinc and silver
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The recognition of dilapidated architectural shapes, constructions and remnants of colours draw me to the objects which I  find and pick up on the streets as I walk . I keep them; I treasure the marks and traces they present me with. I see beauty in these remnants of deteriorated cityscapes, tracing the marks of its inhabitants. The leftovers become mine, I take them with me, just like a stone you pick up and put in your pocket.
But instead of filling a void I treasure the void .

In my work I use old etchingplates of other artists. These etchingplates are full of the marks, drawings and skrechtes that those artists made. Sometimes there is even some colour remains of the printing. The presence of history/time in the material brings us closer to the world of another, to a world that also could be ours. The tracks in the material are like the tracks that are left behind in a house by the occupant. By the obtained colour and patina personality and intimacy will arise.
Like a house tells the story of its occupant a jewel tells the story of the wearer without words. By wearing an object one can build up a more personal link with it.
You move together with the object, it becomes a part of yourself.

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Artists taking part in FLOURISH are: Akiko Kurihara, Germany/Japan; Seulgi Kwon, South Korea; Mari Iwamoto, Japan; Katja Schlegel, Germany; Nina Sajet, the Netherlands; Francisca Bauzá, Germany/Mallorca; Märta Mattsson, Sweden; Réka Fekete, the Netherlands/Hungary; Yu-Ping Lin, UK/Taiwan. Additionally 100 International jewellers who have exhibited with the Gallery of the past 16 years at Salts Mill will be taking part in FlourishRing an exuberant celebratory competition, the winner to be decided by public vote.