A Fantastical Array of Art Jewellery Selected From Around the Globe
12th July - 30th Sept 2012
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Celebrating Sixteen Years at Salts Mill

‘Flower’ brooch in thread and silver
‘Flower’ brooch in thread and silver
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Nature, which is mentally very close to me, still inspires me today.
Those worlds, which I usually see in the pictures or movies seem like far away and very special for me and at the same time I feel comfortable to find similarities of unknown forms or colors from them with my inner world.
By drawing, I explore things bigger and wider in my imagination and that also plays an important role in my creation.

Biographical Details

Artists taking part in FLOURISH are: Akiko Kurihara, Germany/Japan; Seulgi Kwon, South Korea; Mari Iwamoto, Japan; Katja Schlegel, Germany; Nina Sajet, the Netherlands; Francisca Bauzá, Germany/Mallorca; Märta Mattsson, Sweden; Réka Fekete, the Netherlands/Hungary; Yu-Ping Lin, UK/Taiwan. Additionally 100 International jewellers who have exhibited with the Gallery of the past 16 years at Salts Mill will be taking part in FlourishRing an exuberant celebratory competition, the winner to be decided by public vote.