Alternative Wedding Show 2017 FIFTY FACETS
23rd April - 25th June

‘Monolith’ ring, bi-colour tourmaline and emerald set in 18ct gold and sterling silver

‘Monolith’ ring, bi-colour tourmaline and emerald set in 18ct gold and sterling silver

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About Us

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My fascination with inorganic structure is used to inform my bespoke jewellery pieces. Strong, bold shapes stress the unique qualities of the inclusions of the gemstones. I draw inspiration for surface treatment from architectural metalwork and sculpture. Marks made during the construction of the work are allowed to remain or are emphasized.

By design, the stone is offered up to the viewer, always in a pleasing and unusual way and the rings look as good off the hand as on. The gemstone is of fundamental importance in my work. All the stones I use are natural and untreated in any way. I believe that it is important to tell the story of the stones using my unique designs in metal.

Biographical Details

FIFTY FACETS features four renowned jewellers who approach facets in their rings in diverse ways: Chris Boland;
Sarah Pulvertaft
; Louise O’Neill; and Mark Nuell. Alongside their collections will be Fifty Facets: 50 remarkable rings by 50 international jewellers, celebrating just how multifaceted a ring can be. All part of our 16th Annual Alternative Wedding Show featuring over twenty new collections of individually handcrafted bridal jewellery, tiaras and accessories. For examples of our Precious Collections please see here.