3rd Oct - 13th Nov 2011

Xavier Monclus, Carrot and Rabbit Brooch
Xavier Monclus - 'Carrot and Rabbit Corral' brooch in silver, wood, laminated paper, plastic and enamel paint.





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Xavier Monclus

Jewellery to play with or toys to wear? Xavier Monclús flirts with this ambiguity as he takes his jewellery to the limits of wearability. Inspired by everyday life and the careful appropriation of pictures and objects from a childhood world, he has created a playful universe inhabited by strange inventions; senseless machines with Dadaist echoes and hybrids drawn from animals and architecture.

Internationally renowned jewellery artist from Barcelona, Xavier’s work is collected and exhibited around the world and here we are proud to include some of his newest creations.


Artists taking part in Fantastical are: Frances Wadsworth-Jones; Xavier Monclus; Wenhui Li; Sophie Castle.