12th Nov - 28th Jan 2016

Expanding neckpiece / bracelet in silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silver
Expanding neckpiece / bracelet in silver, oxidised silver and gold plated silver
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Ieva Mikutaite is a graduate of The Glasgow School of Art. Her most recent work is inspired by dandelion seeds. The story of how this collection came to life began a few years ago when Ieva's father gave her a box of dandelion seeds for her birthday. It started a chain reaction and Ieva's friends and family have been giving her plant seeds ever since. Therefore, all the seeds used in her pieces have been gathered by people who are very dear to her. Degree show work is a reflection of her own feelings and observations. Ieva's goal is to take what she has been given and try to create something new in order to give something back to everyone around her. She loves exploring kinetics and incorporating elements of movement, transformation, repetition and multiplication into her pieces. Ieva seeks to emphasize the fragile and ephemeral nature of things. She is interested in challenging the traditional notion of function.  Her aim is to design and make playful and engaging pieces, that would bring audience back to their childhood: time when things seem strange and curious, time when almost everything is a game, time when one does not associate certain expectations with certain things. Objects tend to not have conventional purpose or limited function in the eyes of a child. Ieva would like to keep producing jewellery that can make adults feel the same way if only for a brief moment.

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Exploring the Jewellery World’s New Frontiers are:
Maliha Khan
, Glasgow School of Art; Mark Newman, National College of Art and Design, Dublin; Genevieve Howard, National College of Art and Design, Dublin ; Melissa Morgan, Hereford College of Art; Beatrice Wall, Hereford College of Art ; Megan Falconer, Duncan of Jordanstone Collage of Art, Dundee; Elisavet Messi, University for the Creative Arts, Rochester; Rosie Clayden, University of Brighton; Jocelyn He, Birmingham School of Jewellery; Joanna Witcher, Middlesex University, London; Ieva Mikutaite, Glasgow School of Art.

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