18th Nov - 30th Jan 2011

‘Embellish’ necklace hand crocheted in oxidised silver and 18ct gold

‘Embellish’ necklace hand crocheted in oxidised silver and 18ct gold
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Teri Howes

Teri takes her inspiration from her love of fashion, textiles, pattern and geometry. Her mother’s profession as a dressmaker meant that she has always been around rich patterned fabric, thread, and embroidery silks. Her home environment was intensely creative, here she learnt to knit, sew and embroider.
Also encouraged to draw from an early age by her father who was a professional draughtsman, she explored line drawing with an intense enthusiasm, discovering its’ flexibility from ultra-simplistic economy of line to complex, ornate, flamboyance. Her first career spanning almost 20 years was as a Graphic Designer in several prestigious London design agencies.
She has come to see her jewellery pieces quite literally, as ‘drawings in the air’ - the pencil line replaced with precious metal wire. She works with simple crochet stitches, repeated rhythmically in soft, fluid silver or gold, with discipline and patience sculptural forms emerge and evolve. The stitches are often both the structure and the embellishment, the style being sculptural curves and clean, graphic lines.
Teri finds in this low-tech production method, a gentle, quiet rebellion against todays world of instant everything.
Teri’s work is deeply rooted in the tradition of craft - it is accessible, functional and wearable, there is no artifice. She hopes to inspire the viewer to rediscover the honesty, integrity and the true beauty of the hand-made object.

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