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18th Nov - 30th Jan 2011

‘Classic Diamond’ pendant in gold-plated silver

‘Classic Diamond’ pendant in gold-plated silver
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Myia Bonner

The Diamond Collection

Myia Bonner draws her inspiration from culture, subculture, trends and traditions. The Diamond Collection questions current trends and traditions within today’s culture and the present ideas surrounding the invaluable stone. By using a range of materials both precious and non-precious, each piece of wearable art is given meaning beyond its material properties.

With a background in fashion design Myia quickly established a style, which celebrates both craftsmanship and design. Her iconic shapes and graphic forms display new ideas based around current trends, mixing traditional skills with new technologies. Elements of playfulness, naivety as well as humour challenge the viewer to find the correlation between object and objective, the obvious and the concealed.

“My Jewellery challenges scale, common associations, preconceptions and traditions given to the infamous stone.”

The new way to wear a diamond- bold, brash and iconographic!

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