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Janine Preece

Janine Preece
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Janine Preece

My surface pattern design work is a constant development of my interests in surface embellishment, persistently exploring how I can use my drawing and technological skills to create intriguing surface pattern designs. I feel that textiles should not be limited through stereotypical expectations of use, and therefore aim to create designs that have possibilities for a range of applications.  A passion for learning new techniques and ways of working is also important to the development of my work, and I am keen to discover how other designers work.  I am eager to exhibit work, take on commissions, and collaborate with other artists/ designers across a broad range of disciplines.
Throughout education I have maintained continuous employment with Tesco, as well as working as a waitress, assistant office secretary, and also as a telephone interviewer for the university.  This diversity of work has developed my people skills, not only face-to-face, but also through telephone conversations, emails and letter writing.  Different natures of employment have resulted in me adapting to work on an individual basis, as well as working as part of a team.  Working in an office environment has also broadened my knowledge of using Microsoft Office packages, from taking on an organisational administration role.  I have developed my confidence in dealing with a variety of situations, and I am keen to continue learning new skills and ways of working.  Throughout the Surface Pattern Design degree, there has also been a constant need for strong communication skills, through one-to-one and group tutorials; presentations of work to groups and industry professionals; and organising trips, exhibitions and fundraising events, thus giving me the confidence to communicate ideas effectively, to individuals, as well as small and large groups.  These communication and organisational skills are also highlighted by my passion and involvement in clay target shooting, where I have been promoting myself in the shooting world, to successfully obtain gun and cartridge sponsorship.  I have also been involved in organising trips both on a national and international scale whilst representing Wales and Great Britain in the sport, which also demonstrates my high levels of commitment and determination towards achieving my goals.

Swansea Metropolitan University      
BA (Hons) Surface Pattern- Contemporary Applied Arts Practice

2006- 2007
Hereford College of Arts                          BTEC Diploma Foundation Studies (Art and Design): Merit

2004- 2006
Hereford Sixth Form College                
4 x  A-Levels-  Business Studies: A; Fine Art: A; Art Textiles: A; General Studies: C; AS French: C.

1999- 2004
Kingstone High School
11x GCSE: A*- C

2007- 2010
Swansea Metropolitan University
Telephone Interviewer & Mailshot assistant:
Involved organising postal questionnaires for posting as well as conducting telephone questionnaires to past students.

June 2009- September 2009
Thomas Brown Electrical Ltd
Administrative Office Assistant:
Involved organizing a team of electricians for their daily jobs; recording company finances; composing letters and invoices to send to clients; reorganising company files; and answering the telephone.

September 2004 – September 2009
Tesco Stores p­­­lc
Checkout Assistant:
Involved helping and serving customers, as well as occasional cashing-up at the end of the day.


February-June 2010
Advertising committee for Surface Pattern Design ‘Fusion’ Degree Show

This involved promoting our final show; creating advertising for magazine publication; liaising with a local charity so that we could collect on their behalf during the exhibition; and organising for local businesses to advertise in our final show catalogue.

March 2010
Tigerprint:  Surface Pattern Design Competition. 

The brief was to design between 1 and 5 surface pattern designs based on a floral or geometric theme (or a combination of the two), for possible use in fashion, stationary and interior markets.

February 2010              
Absolute Zero Degrees: Wallpaper Design Competition- Highly commended

The brief was to design a collection of wallpaper designs for that w­­ould be suitable for sale on  It involved tutorials with Absolute Zero Degrees, as well as a final presentation of my designs to the company directors.

September 2009
Premier Vision: Indigo, Paris : Exhibited work at the show and ran the trade stand for Swansea Metropolitan University.
The experience involved arranging travel to Paris, setting up the stand on a daily basis, talking to buyers and selling students’ designs.

February 2008
Mission Gallery, Swansea: Exhibited at ‘In and Out of the Book’

I was part of the advertising team promoting the exhibition.

Exhibitions and Awards

February 2010

Absolute Zero Degrees wallpaper design competition: Highly commended

December 2009- January 2010
Swansea Metropolitan University: exhibited work at the Surface Pattern Design ‘Work in Progress’ show

February 2008

Mission Gallery, Swansea: exhibited at ‘In and Out of the Book’ 


My Surface Pattern Degree has encouraged my enthusiasm for using technology and discovering new possibilities with materials and techniques within my work.  As a result, I am passionate about transforming drawings and designs from flat pieces, into intriguing, tactile pieces using a variety of different skills and technologies.  My own final degree show work focused on making my drawings come to life using traditional screen printing and vat dyeing techniques, and laser cutting technology.  I therefore have experience of using the equipment in the dye labs and the various dyeing and printing techniques, and I have developed my skills in using the laser cutter and its Ethos programme to cut into a variety of materials effectively. 

Not only have I refined my laser cutting, printing and dyeing skills through my work, but I have also developed skills in other areas over the duration of the degree course.   Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator has allowed me to expand my visual research further and these packages have also aided me in creating files for laser cutting and digital printing.  I have designed and produced work for digital printing onto fabrics, as well as partaking in colour testing using AVA for the digital textile printer, which has increased my understanding of the machinery and its possibilities.  I also have experience of free- machine embroidery, needle-punching and a basic understanding of garment construction.  Creative moulding workshops have also given me a grounding in producing moulds for slip- casting and resin, as well as basic glass techniques, and evening classes have furthered my interests and capabilities in sand blasting.