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18th Nov - 30th Jan 2011

Necklaces multi-layered made from double-sided laser cut polyester

Necklaces multi-layered made from double-sided laser cut polyester
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Janine Preece

My work is a constant exploration of pattern and form to create intriguing surface pattern designs.  I feel that textiles should not be limited through stereotypical expectations of use, and therefore aim to create designs that have possibilities for a range of applications. Material experimentation is key to my work and I am always looking to expand my knowledge of materials and their possibilities when combined with a diversity of techniques.
Taking inspiration from a variety of sources, such as historic dress, opulent interiors and ornate architecture, I have transformed my flat pattern drawings into lively three-dimensional surface designs using laser cutting technology on a variety of fabrics. The fabric jewellery is made from layers of polyesters although they can be made from a variety of materials on request, to give the work a different quality.  My designs are truly versatile, in that they are reversible; can be manipulated and folded; and they can also be layered to achieve the user’s desired effects.
I am extremely passionate about laser cutting on fabric, and have enjoyed giving some of my creations a suggestive use, such as jewellery.  However, I would love to experiment with making these pieces out of wood and metal in the future, to create interesting combinations of material qualities and textures.  I wish to combine laser cutting and stitch to create fascinating, tactile textile samples which could be customised to suit the needs of any fashion, interior, or contemporary applied arts application.  Additionally, I would like drawing and print (both digital and traditional screen printing) to feature more prominently in my work; experimenting with pattern and placement to see whether it could enhance my laser cutting further.


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