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18th Nov - 30th Jan 2011

‘Car-park’ brooch in enamelled copper

‘Car-park’ brooch in enamelled copper
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Debra Townend

For me, the city is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and my work reflects its diversity by drawing on its composite elements and contrasts.  These components sometimes sit uneasily against each other and I try to capture this fragile relationship through my work.

I observe how areas of the city are often in a state of change, for example, areas which might have become run down over time are regenerated and sanitised.  Where very different areas buffer up against each other, cultural, architectural and social elements clash and try to find their place.

I am particularly interested in the mark making which occurs in these areas whether accidently or purposefully.  These marks denote a presence, human or otherwise, which has occurred at one time or another.

The materials I use in my jewellery reflect the textures, colours and materials I find as I make my way around the city.  I like the marriage of simple everyday materials alongside more traditional jewellery materials and my work will often contain an intuitive mix of the precious and the non-precious.

For this body of work I draw my inspiration from the more run down areas such as Spitalfields and Brick Lane in London, rejoicing in their cultural and social diversity.

The Rings collection presents metal, namely copper and silver, which has been pushed to its physical limits.  The beaten pieces are cracked and deformed indicating a certain fragility.

The Graffiti collection represents the many traces found in and around the city, reminders of people who have sought to leave their mark by way of painted images or defaced posters.

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