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18th Nov - 30th Jan 2011

‘Conception’ earrings in hand-blown glass and silver

‘Conception’ earrings in hand-blown glass and silver
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Charlotte Valkeniers

Having been a student at both Buckinghamshire New University and
The Royal Academy Of Fine Arts Antwerp, both located in very different yet thriving cities (London and Antwerp), provided me with a lot of different influences and inspiration. It helped me develop my own style.
My main sources of inspiration are to be found within architecture, biology and science.  Structure and mechanisms have always intrigued me. This natural curiosity is also reflected in the aim to translate my designs by using the best possible materials and combinations suited  (e.g. resin, rubber, perspex, wood, ceramics, glass, metals, latex, …). Experimenting with these new materials is a driving force behind my work.

My current collection deals with the biology of conception, the splitting and multiplying of cells. Hand blown glass is used in this collection as a medium to translate the preciousness of this subject.


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