12th Nov - 31st Jan 2010

‘Sucre’ brooch series in silver, resin, steel, 18ct gold, and Cubic Zirconia

‘Sucre’ brooch series in silver, resin, steel, 18ct gold, and Cubic Zirconia
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About Us

Jen Brown

A deep fixation with detail informs my work. Elements or anomalies which might go unnoticed, but to me seem extraordinary are a constant source of inspiration.  I am attracted to and look for qualities such as delicacy, gentleness and subtlety and hope to convey this through my jewellery. I aim to create wearable objects which from a distance appear beautiful, sophisticated and quiet but hold an allure and invite close inspection. Pattern is integral to the design of my jewellery as it fulfils a personal need for organisation and structure but simultaneously allows for an almost child-like desire to subvert or rebel. At first glance a pattern within my design-whether as a surface or as a series of objects-may appear regular or controlled but as the participant is drawn in they may discover aspects of surprise. Deriving influence from a thoughtful yet quirky portfolio of drawing and photography sees elements of irony or humour emerging in my jewellery. A beautiful surface subtly tampered with to suit my own purposes pleases me immensely.  I achieve these qualities in my jewellery by a considered and original handling of both precious and non-precious materials; a sensitive manipulation of materials such as resin, silver and enamel allows me to create inviting surfaces. A fascination with the sparkle of gemstones has led me to develop innovative methods of using cut stones in my work.

Biographical Details

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