12th Nov - 31st Jan 2010

‘Wriggle’ brooch in silver

‘Wriggle’ brooch in silver
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About Us

Jamie Price

I am interested in illustration, repeat pattern and layering.  I love drawing, and the linear qualities it has; therefore I have tried to translate these qualities from my sketchbook work into my finished pieces.  I chose to develop my pieces into jewellery, as silver wire proved very effective when transforming my drawings into final objects.

My work is based on bottles, and the shadows that are caste from them.  I focused on the unusual shapes they form, and was interested in how they changed.  I like the idea of delicate, precious pieces, which are fragile and beautiful.  All my pieces are unique, much like a shadow, and as many of them are three-dimensional, they also caste their own unique shadows when the light falls on them.

Movement became an important aspect in my work, as most of the pieces can move, or wobble.  This makes them more interactive, and provides an element of fun and humour, as I like my work to be playful and light hearted.  Colour is usually a big element of my work, but for this project I decided to stick to the monochrome colours of the silver and black, so the colour does not detract from the importance of shape and form.

Biographical Details

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