12th Nov - 31st Jan 2010

‘Chatelaine’ brooch with interchangeable attachments. Here in silver, ebony piano key with pencil and glass vial containing a blade of grass
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About Us

Ivy Nixon

I am fascinated by the notion of narrative jewellery; inanimate objects become personified and communicate concepts to be interpreted by both the wearer and the observer.
In this instance, I have created a collection of jewellery inspired by Gustave Flaubert’s character ‘Emma Bovary’ from the 19th century novel ‘Madame Bovary’. 
Drawing inspiration from the character’s experiences within the novel, I have been able to create a collection which has subtle references to key stages of Emma Bovary’s life; a piano key brooch setting reminds us of her liasons with her lover Leon, whilst a vial containing a blade of grass is reminiscent of the long journey she would take to visit Rodolphe.
It is important to me that my work is interactive and adaptable; in order to encourage people to keep and treasure their possessions, it is vital that the jewellery has the potential to be customised according to the needs of the wearer.

The Chatelaine Brooch collection is the ultimate adulteress’ companion; each ‘attachment’ is removable, allowing Madame Bovary to customise her jewellery according to the company she is keeping.

Biographical Details

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