12th Nov - 31st Jan 2010

Brooch in silver, iron wire and latex

Brooch in silver, iron wire and latex
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Holly Edwards

Initially I followed the traditional route through Art and Design Studies at a young age. After a brief period of absence from this path and feeling that I lacked the stimulation to fully develop my ideas I returned to study. This I began tentatively with an evening class in Jewellery and Metalwork. This short course invigorated my enthusiasm and encouraged new ideas. I was then able to challenge my abilities within a part-time degree in Design Crafts. The duration of this course was six years, in addition to this I worked full time within a banking environment. I found this difficult at times but allowed me to develop and focus the direction of my work. This pressure provided the realisation that I am at my most fulfilled when producing pieces true to my ideas.

Having just graduated I feel at this point my work is to a degree challenging the perception of the conventional sense of adornment and the classification of what makes a piece precious. I am looking forward to utilising contrasting materials and textures to provide further stimulus and experimentation for future work.

Biographical Details

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