12th Nov - 31st Jan 2010

‘Orange Dribble’ choker in glue and paint

‘Orange Dribble’ choker in glue and paint
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About Us

Clare Knox-Bentham

Dribble Collection
This collection is a series of drawings for the body. There are echoes of the past but they exist purely in the present. The pieces are tactile and fluid, light and unobtrusive. They respond to body heat and mould to the contours of the skin.

I’m fascinated by the way that form loses its meaning and connotation when gathered together in any number, or placed in an unusual scenario. You lose the notion of the object’s function and you can concentrate on the simple beauty of the form. The object is not tainted by your idea of its functionality and you can almost see it in an abstract way – perhaps in the same way a child sees something for the first time. Your first thoughts may be about the surface or the colour rather than what the object does or can do for you.

I like the way that an object is stripped of its individuality and identity when grouped in large numbers, and the correlation this has in our society. My objects work in the same way as a swarm of bees or a colony of ants – the individual becomes unimportant, the many become the one.

My objects also have something to say about the disposability of our consumer culture. Seemingly disposable items can have another, secret life. .

Biographical Details

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